Link helps you get to College.


What We Do


Analyze strengths and determine best fit colleges based on overall analysis

Strengths Test

Determine and capitalize on strengths to help select field of study and possible careers


Grade Analysis

Analyze grades and determine best course of action to gain competitive edge in admissions process


Course Recommendations
Determine best curriculum track and course sequencing

Career Exploration

Explore possible careers and begin creating future networks


Begin building your professional career with networking opportunities

Job Shadow

Learn and explore career options by shadowing a professional in the field


Gain valuable professional and academic experiences through internships

Life Skills Workshops
We help you build a strong foundation to chase your dreams

College Preparation

We will work hand-in-hand with you to prepare you for college

College Trips

Visit college campuses to explore various college possibilities

Scholarship Advising and Application Reviews
Explore scholarships, applications and essay reviews

Admission Advising and Application Review

Explore admissions requirements and learn how to gain a competitive edge

College Choice Assistance
Determine best colleges based on strengths, career focus, academics, personality, and other factors

Financial Aid Workshops
Prepare for FAFSA and help you make college affordable

Transition Workshops
Get ready for college life and how to succeed

Link works hand-in-hand with both Students & Parents:

We mitigate anxiety about financial aid by planning ahead and discussing several financial aid options to ensure college is affordable
We want you to get the most out of college tours so Link empowers Students & Parents by arming them with the right questions to ask during the tour
Based on a student’s academics, personal interests and location preference, we help Students make strategic decisions when it comes to finding the right fit
By participating in college transition workshops, college tours and job shadowing opportunities, we increase the probability of the critical first year retention
Advise for students and parents.

It’s Not Just About College, It’s About Becoming Career Ready

U.S. News and World Report indicates that only 36% of students select a major based on their personality resulting in major changes and credit losses. We understand it’s stressful to feel like you need to have it all figured out by a certain age. What we do is expose students to opportunities so that they can meet and shadow professionals in order to better understand a field they are considering entering into. This real world experience is crucial not only to understand who they are but it also provides students with crucial networking skills at a young age.

Real World Experience

Based on years of research, we have selected the best strength assessment test to determine how a students strengths will lead to a satisfying career
We provide career exploration opportunities throughout a student’s high school career to help identify how their strengths can be translated in the real world while also honing in on important networking skills to set them apart from the rest
We make the link – based on the students strengths and experiences in career exploration, we help pair the student with a well rounded college where they can make your dream into a reality

The follow through, getting you from high school to college to your dream career

We provide college transition workshops to prepare students to tackle their freshman year (from student involvement, course selection to dorm life experience)
Initiate strategic networking skills throughout your college career to maximize your employment opportunities after graduation
We help students plan a financial strategy after graduation so that they can build their dreams on a strong foundation

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